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About Us

FMTGlobal International is based in the United Kingdom. The company establishes country-specific operations, wherever there is a market for its technologies and where the multiple downstream beneficiation of the energy by-products will support the local communities.

The International Company remains a key stakeholder in each of the country operations and serves in a technical support and project development capacity. FMTGlobal generates electricity or produces biosynthetic fuels and industrial waxes, depending on client requirements.

Our primary reactor produces high quality syngas and a densified carbon product. The syngas is channelled to either power generation or a single-pass, modern Fischer-Tropsch system. Electrical energy is generated by way of gas turbines, heat recovery steam generation and a modified, high-performance Organic Rankin Cycle technology.

The Fischer-Tropsch system can be calibrated to produce liquid fuels or industrial waxes. Industrial waxes form the basis of an extensive chemicals and plastics product line-up.

The FMTGlobal plants use coal fines, commercially grown Bamboo and Municipal Solid Waste as feed-stock. Depending on the type of feed-stock, our entire process is CO2 neutral, and where Bamboo is used, CO2 negative. All CO2 is captured into novel algal ponding systems and the resultant algae harvest has multiple commercially viable applications.

Emissions to air meet EU directives and there are no waste products for disposal to settlement dams or landfill, irrespective of feed-stock used.