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Welcome to FMT Global

FMTGlobal is a renewable and clean-tech energy company that offers technologies for distributed power and decentralised small-scale systems.
We offer a unique programme that supports the creation of mega numbers of job opportunities in the countries in which our power systems are installed.
FMTGlobal understands that it is essential to create a structure in which the power generated acts as a catalyst for enterprise development and job creation. We marry the energy generation to the enterprise and job creation. The modular nature of the FMTGlobal clean-tech power plants means that power generation can grow with the needs of the local economy.
The objective is to create robust economic hubs that grow and merge with the mainstream economy, in time.

FMTGlobal Technologies

Every plant supplied by FMTGlobal is bespoke designed for the client and the project parameters. Each section of our energy and liquid fuel plants are to our designed to our specifications and supplied by successful technology companies with many decades of presence in the market.

Bamboo to Energy

Our scaled down clean-tech energy plants running on Bamboo are useful tools in developing a network of off-grid power supply in rural areas. Bamboo is grown on non-food producing land, requires limited water and the root system descends a mere 600mm into the ground.

Other Feedstock Materials

Discarded coal fines are a global environmental threat. The FMTGlobal reactors can accept coal fines direct from the wash plant, if necessary. A proprietary process is used to briquette the fines into a reactor friendly size and to increase the embedded energy of the fines.

Desalination Of Seawater

Thermal desalination using waste heat is a standard process in the desalination sector. The post desalination pumping of water to the end user is one of the main cost elements in the entire chain. FMTGlobal has designed a system that allows for very low cost transfer of water over extreme distances and up vertical inclines.

Converting Sewage To Potable Water

s climate change impacts exponentially on conventional water resources and the pressure of rapid urbanization puts pressure on the supply of fresh water for human, agriculture and industrial use, the need to use all water resources to meet these needs becomes a pressing issue.

Funding and Stakeholders

Funding programmes are managed by our Corporate Advisors who also ensure that the necessary compliance and transparency requirements of each of the countries in which we operate are fully met.

Projects may have specific stakeholder requirements and FMTGlobal has a flexible approach to the construct of the partners in both public and private power projects.